1. How to participate in the NxSE 2020 Forum 

To participate in the NxSE 2020 Forum, from October 28th to 30th, just go to the event page, click on register and you will arrive on this page "Event" NxSE Forum

Click on the "sign up" tab (on the right side of your web page) and complete the registration form.  

Here you are registered for NxSE 2020.

2. How to become a partner at NxSE 2020 Forum ? 

 To become an NxSE partner, you will need to complete the contact form.

A member of the NxSE team will contact you to finalize the 2020 partnership together.

3. Where to see the NxSE 2020

 You will be able to discover the NxSE 2020 program on the nxse.io website as soon as it is released (end of September). A mailing will also be sent, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

4. Can I invite friends to participate in NxSE 2020 ? 

 The NxSE 2020 forum is free and accessible by all, your friends just have to register themselves on NxSE Forum by completing the registration form. 

5. How to become a member NxSE Connect ?

From October 20th, NxSE Connect will be open and a registration form will be available on the site to create your profile on the application.

The opening of all NxSE Connect features is scheduled for the evening of October 27th.

6. How to pay my package NxSE 2020 ?

 To pay for an NxSE 2020 package, you just need to complete the contact form, then a member of the NxSE team will contact you as soon as possible to proceed with payment. 



Another question about the NxSE Forum or the NxSE Connect? application, please contact nxse@digitalreunion.com